Andrew Branca – Getting Perspective on Recent Cases

Andrew Branca is the man behind the Law of Self-Defense. It’s not only a great book to read and have in your range bag, but it’s also a website with tons of information that will keep you up to date on case law and opinions related to people like you who carry a gun.

There have been several recent cases that I wanted to discuss with Andrew: The first was an LAPD cop who was involved in a shooting where the suspect ended up dying. The attorney for the plaintiff suggested the officer was liable since she was a “competitive shooter” and gunslinger. Second, the case of Ahmed Arbury in GA who was killed after being stopped by two citizens who now are facing murder charges. Finally, we talk about the McCloskey’s in St. Louis where the husband and wife defended their home outside with firearms while a mob walked by and threatened them.

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Links mentioned in the show:

Law of Self Defense

1st interview with Andrew Episode 14

2nd Interview with Andrew Episode 113

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