My guest today is an attorney, an author, competitive shooter and tv guest host.  Andrew Branca has been a lifelong shooter and reached master class in IDPA.  Knowing that there was a lot of misinformation on being involved in a self-defense shooting, he focused his legal career to learn the subsection of criminal law the deals with use of force and defending your life.  He quickly became a subject matter expert on the laws of self-defense and has been quoted in major newspapers and on nationally syndicated broadcast shows. 

He recently became a guest host on the hit tv show on the Outdoor Channel, “The Best Defense”.

Andrew has written the go to book called “The Law of Self-Defense” which is in it’s 3rd edition and that is the name of his website.

Finally, Andrew teaches classes around the country on this topic and was a guest instructor at the prestigious Sig Sauer Academy.

This is probably the most important episode of the Firearms Nation Podcast.  If you have to draw your gun and defend your life, knowing what we are about to talk about will certainly save you tons of heartache.

Book “Law of Self-Defense”

His website

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