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Chris Kuras is a full time police officer assigned to the Training Unit of his agency. Chris is also on the department’s SWAT team where he utilizes his background in athletics to help push the officers to be better at shooting and fitness. Chris is also an instructor for Condition

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Josh Shaw is a grandmaster shooting in USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association). He is also an instructor for Green Ops which teaches people how to shoot different firearms in both the tactical and competitive arenas. Josh worked for the Department of Defense as an intel officer and deployed multiple

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Frank Proctor is a former Special Forces operator as well as a grand master competitor in USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association). Frank is a well know firearms instructor who also has the insight to create various products that have helped him as well as other shooters work better with

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Happy 4th of July!  This is a replay from the vault of a 2018 interview I did with Lanny Bassham.  Here is a little about Lanny: 95% of all winning comes from the same 5% of the competitors.  What makes them different than the rest of us?  Their mental game is better

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Mickey Schuch, who everyone knows at the Carry Trainer, is a widely known firearms instructor and social media influencer. Mickey travels the country teaching shooting courses with a distinct style and also has a massive YouTube and Instagram following. Mickey has some serious opinions when it comes to training as

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Jon Becker is the owner of the tactical equipment company Aardvark Tactical. Besides having a cool name, Aardvark makes cool gear including drones and breaching tools. Jon is about to release his new podcast “The Debrief” which has different guests from the special units in law enforcement and the military.

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