So you want to become a better shooter.

I hear that a lot. The problem is never the desire. It’s the execution. As a firearms instructor, I constantly hear that statement, usually right after New Years. While I love to hear it, I’m often struck by the cold reality that most people will fail. See, I’m an optimist instructor. I want everyone to do well. I also can empathize with my students since years ago, I was in their shoes.

Here is the training plan that worked for me:

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    On April 11, 1986, there was a massive shootout between agents of the FBI and two dedicated, murderous, armed suspects.  The end result was two agents dead and several wounded.  This shootout changed the caliber choice for the FBI and numerous police agencies for many years and brought forward the […]

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    Shannon Smith – The Shoot SIG Experience

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    Bennie Cooley – The Anxiety of Visual Patience

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    Matthew Little – The Way is in Training

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    Do you want to be the best competitive shooter, soldier, and protector?  I was lucky to sit down with Matthew Little who is not only a former Army Special Forces veteran, a former Chicago police SWAT officer, and a competitive shooter but the author of an exciting new book.  It’s […]

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    Larry Correia – In Defense of the 2nd Amendment

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