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I enjoy shooting firearms, and if you are here, so do you. I’m not a gun collector. There are several website options if you are looking for pictures of WWII guns. However, if I can find one, shoot and review it, I will post it here.

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Check back daily to see the new posts. Some might be written, audio or video.  I feel if you can tell someone something visually, the message is easily explained. This year (2023) Firearms Nation is launching a video version of The Firearms Nation Podcast! I want to get into the minds of the people who shape the Firearms Nation, from trainers, shooters, journalists and gun makers, each has a unique story that I’m going to share. You can even listen directly from this website or join me for the LIVE recordings.



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The shooter who sees first will be first in a gunfight or competition. You need to train to be able to see first…

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