Tim Kennedy is the closest thing we have to a real Captain America.  For those of you in a cave and don’t know who he is, Tim is an active duty Green Beret sniper.  Before he was a sniper, he was a door kicker in both Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.  After 9/11 he was so committed that he signed up for a program that has a pipeline directly into the Green Berets..as long as you passed some of the hardest selections the military has.

In addition to being an all around warrior, he has time to compete in this little organization called the UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championship.  As a middleweight fighter he is currently ranked 13th.  Most people retire from the military and then take on something like another job or become a pro fighter but did managed to stay on active duty and fight in UFC.  Is that all…

Hardly, recently he has found the time to hunt one of the most evil person to walk the Earth..Adolf Hitler.  Wait, you thought he was dead?  So did I until I did the research and learned that the facts don’t add up and we were told a lie.  And now the History Channel is producing an awesome show called Hunting Hitler where the past two seasons Tim and company go down to S. America to find the truth.  The 3rd season is set to air this fall.

In this episode you’ll learn what evil is and how to stand up to it, how to be the 1 percent better version of yourself that the day before and what is a sheepdog and why you should be like them.

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