Welcome back to the Firearms Nation Podcast. I just got back from shoot ing the 2018 IPSC US Nationals at the Universal Shooting Academy and first off, I have to say this was an excellent match and thanks to Frank Garcia and Shannon Smith plus all the range officers for putting on the match.  This is a very important match as it serves as one of the qualifiers to be a part of the next World Shoot coming up in a couple years.  I believe it’s going to be in Thailand.  IPSC rules are different than USPSA rules which is the action pistol sports that I compete in.  I still feel that competition is the best way to get better at shooting.  But that leads me to today’s podcast.

One of the big takeaways from the match was the constant negativity that I heard from other competitors.  Everyone would only talk about their misses or other screw ups.  How their time sucked, or they screwed up their stage plan.  Even worse when someone gave them a complement, that person would down play it and again bring up their mistakes.  Why can’t we focus on the positive?  What is this fascination with being a loser?

I bring back on the show, Steve Anderson who is one of the top instructors who talks a lot about the mental game and the keys to being successful.  Steve has written three books on the subject and also has his own podcast, That Shooting Show, which discusses in detail, between Van Halen breaks, how we need to know what our level of participation is and define success.  Steve also has been on the Shooter’s Summit and I knew after hearing about all this misery…that I needed to discuss what we can do to change our mental programing. 

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