Simon Osamoh is a former detective from the Metropolitan Police Service in England.  There he worked on major cases involving organized crime and counter-terrorism.  Simon was directly involved in the investigation of the 2006 “liquid bomb” airline plot carried out by terrorists.  Simon made the move to the United States and took on the role of head of counter-terrorism at the Mall of America, which is visited by over 42 million people each year.  Simon started his own security company, Kingswood Security Consulting and Worship Security Association.  He is in charge of security for a mega-church and consults on security for many religious institutions.  Simon wrote the book “Securing Church Operations” which you can pick up below.

In this episode you’ll:

–Understand how the English police system compares to American law enforcement.

–What is the best way to start a safety committee at your church or synagogue.

–Why breaking the worship attack cycle is so important.

Link to Simon’s book.

Kingswood Security