When I think of an army sniper, I usually think of Bob Lee Swagger, tough, gritty, All-American and not giving a crap.  But I was surprised when I spoke with guest that he not only was a sniper, but a lawyer, professor, writer and app developer.

Ryan Cleckner is an US Army Ranger Sniper and served two combat deployments in Afghanistan.  Once he left the Army, Ryan took a different route and went to law school.  Along the way he also worked for the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and Remington Outdoor Company.  Ryan also started teaching Constitutional Law at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Ryan is an author who not only writes articles online but he published two books:  The Long Range Shooting Handbook and There’s Only One You, which is a gun safety book for children.  Both are very successful. 

Finally, Ryan has a significant online presence with his Mayday Safety app which is meant to get your list of people to know when your in trouble and Rocket FFL, which is an online training course to get your Federal Firearms License.  With his little bit of free time Ryan also produces two podcasts.

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Links mentioned on the podcast:

Mayday Safety – Emergency Management Software

RocketFFL – Get Your FFL

RocketCCW – Online CCW


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