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Jon Dufresne and Scott Jedlinski are two up in coming instructors.  They are the new generations of firearms preachers who take what is known about shooting and format it to a more modern approach.

Jon is a former Army Ranger who now teaches for Sage Dynamics and for Frank Proctor.  Jon not only was a guest of the podcast but was a Shooter’s Summit instructor.   

Scott Jedlinski or “Jedi” teaches under his own company, Modern Samurai Project and is an avid Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and master class competitive shooter.

Both teach classes with the red dot sight on pistols and that’s where I was with them. 

On today’s podcast, I’m recording a different kind of interview.  I interview both Jon and Jedi after day one of the Modern Samurai Project’s Red Dot Pistol Course at the awesome Homestead Training Center in Homestead FL.

So a couple of notes.  Yes, this is being recorded on a live range at the end of the day and “That Guy” showed up at the very end to shoot in the next bay.  He had to dump his ammo.  So that being said, there will be some gunshots in the background.  Also, I learned that the type of mic you use on a range is important and I had to use some noise reduction on Jon’s and Jedi’s you don’t need to tell me your heard some hiss in the background.  You might not notice it.

I’m learning the red dot myself and I’ll be competing with it and this year’s IPSC Nationals next week.  Lots of knowledge bombs in the range podcast.  Enjoy…

Links mentioned on the podcast:

Sage Dynamics

Modern Samurai Project

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