Today I was joined by Phil Strader who is currently the Pistol Product Manager at Sig Sauer, which makes some of the finest firearms in the world.  Phil is the spearhead of the new P320 series of striker fired handguns that have been taking the market to task.  With this pistol Sig got the Army pistol contract and more recently was awarded the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) contract.  It is the gun I shoot with and carry every day.  Last year the gun was surrounded by controversy over failing a certain unmeasured drop safety test.  I talk to Phil about this and how Sig overcame the issue.

Phil previously not only worked for Remington, but was the past president of the USPSA who, under his tenure, brought about some major changes including the Carry Optics division.  Phil also started his career as a law enforcement officer working for the Capitol Police.  Oh, and along the way he’s won major shooting championships and we talk about being a winner.

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