It’s a balmy 78 degrees here in S. Florida.  We hope you folks in the Northern states are taking care as a new storm makes it’s way across the plains.

I had an interview ready to go when the computer took a dump and the recording got screwed up.  Instead of trying to re-record, I decided to bring out one of the excellent interviews from the 2018 Shooter’s Summit.  This week I bring back a guest I had on in 2017, now grandmaster competitor Mason Lane.  Mason also is teaching at the SigSauer Academy and had a great year in 2018 coming in 4th at Nationals in Carry Optics (the guns with the red dots on them).  Mason is part of these young up in comers dominating USPSA.  Not to mention he’s a really nice guy and friend.  In the interview you’ll hear me reference a video of a drill he did for the Summit.  Each of the instructors this year provided a video drill that they felt either helped them make grandmaster or give out to students for their journey.

If you are so interested, the 2018 Shooter’s Summit is available for purchase for under $25 by going to