95% of all winning comes from the same 5% of the competitors.  What makes them different than the rest of us?  Their mental game is better than the others.  Anyone can practice a sport or hobby and develop skill at that sport, but the ones with a better mental system will always win in the end.  How does a person get a better mental game?  My guest today started out as the guy least likely to get to the Olympics as a small kid in 6th grade.  Fast forward to the 1976 Olympics where my guest, Lanny Bassham took the gold medal in small bore rifle shooting.  But it wasn’t an easy road.  Lanny had previously gone to the ’72 Olympics and choked in the gold medal match where he walked away confused and with a silver medal.  In the next four years he would develop his trademarked mental management system that in the past 40 years has lead many students to world championships and other victories.

How do we learn about this system?  Lanny goes over the highlights from the system and his book he wrote, “With Winning in Mind” today with me.  “With Winning in Mind” is mentioned several times in previous podcasts as one of the tools that took good shooters to make them great.  This system also has been taught to special operations and Secret Service.  You’ll learn today why you should value the process and not the outcome, highlight solutions and not problems and finally how to coach your kids to be winners.

I looked forward to speaking with Lanny for a long time.

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