One of the distinct pleasures myself and a lot of other people enjoy is smoking a cigar while out on the range.  I see it a lot at shooting competitions.  I’ve also seen it after tactical classes.  There is something about the concept of enjoying the cigar with friends that can’t be smoked in a hurry.  I really don’t know where cigars and shooting came together, but it is something that my guest today knows a lot about.  Kaizad Hansotia grew up in India with a love of watches and firearms.  He ended up buying a dying cigar company for under $200 and made it into one of the top cigar brands in the world.  Gurkha Cigars is named after the legendary fighters from Nepal who fought for the British in numerous wars.  Their spirit is what drives Kaizad to constantly make top rated blends that sometime sell for thousands of dollars.

Along the way he made connections to the SEAL Teams and made a special cigar for them to travel with overseas. In fact his passion for firearms paired Gurkha and Grey Ghost Precision (a company who makes high end rifles and pistols) to design a limited edition rifle up to Kaizad’s specifications. 

In this episode we explore the nexus between cigars and shooting, how Kaizad made his success as well as a primer on how to go about getting into cigar smoking.  Granted I know some people hate the smell of cigars, but I have to say, sharing a smoke with some scotch and a group of friends is never a bad thing.

Links mentioned in the episode:

Gurkha Cigars

Grey Ghost Precision


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