We are about less than two weeks away from the launch of the 2018 Shooter’s Summit.  I can’t wait to bring it to you as the content is amazing.  This year’s focus in on competition and the title of the Summit is Making Grandmaster!  By the time this podcast episode launches or shortly there after, you’ll be able to sign up for the Summit.  Even if you signed up year’s previously you’ll still need to sign up again.  Go to shooterssumit.com to get yourself registered as the Summit runs from Nov. 25th through Dec. 1st.

I thought about this week’s episode and went to last year’s Summit where I talked with John Lovell.  John is a former Army Ranger and currently has a successful YouTube channel and company called Warrior Poet Society.  He teaches rifle, shotgun and pistol as well as all manner of every day carry. 

With all the active shooter situations of late, I’m re-releasing this session with John since we get into dealing with active shooters as well as home defense.  I really think you’ll like this interview and of course check out John’s channel afterwards.

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