Jessie Duff is a professional competitive shooter.  She is sponsored by Taurus Firearms, Leupold, Hornady and several other well known firearms or gear companies.  Jessie competes in handgun competitions and was the first female to make Grandmaster classification in USPSA in the Open Division.  An accomplishment that was dominated by men since the sport was created.  Jessie also competes in Steel Challenge, Bianchi Cup (NRA Action Pistol) and IPSC.  Recently she won (again) the High Lady Champion at the Steel Nationals and is currently preparing to represent the United States at the World IPSC Shoot in Paris.

Jessie started shooting when she was a young girl who went to the range every weekend to watch her father compete.  She competed in Cowboy Action and used the name “Jasmine Jessie” when she was on the range.  Since then she has won numerous World and National titles.

Jessie works hard to be a brand ambassador to not only her sponsors but to the shooting world, showing the a woman can be just as good as a male shooter.

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