I wanted to replay an earlier episode (number 64) of the podcast on the 12 year anniversary of when Officer Jared Reston was shot multiple times in a shooting. Jared is a true warrior who overcame the odds and won the gunfight. Lots of lessons to learn…

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be in a gunfight?  Chances are if you are listening to this podcast you might carry a gun on a daily basis.  You might be a competitive shooter or an armed professional.  Either way, anyone who has picked up a firearm has had the thought to themselves “what would I do?” 

This week I’m starting a new series of podcast episodes where I deconstruct gunfights and speak to subjects who were involved and walked away.  I get into the circumstances of the event and break down the play by play of the shooting.  The actions of the bad guys as well as the tactics the winners, not survivors, used to overcome the odds.  I’ll look at what lessons can be learned from the event so that you can develop your mindset and train accordingly.

I came up with this idea for the series after interviewing Scott Reitz on episode 57.  Scott, the former LAPD SWAT officer, was involved in five gunfights in his career and was able to teach the lessons he learned to his students.

In this first episode, I’m also speaking with a law enforcement officer who’s been in multiple gunfights.  Jared Reston works for the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and is a SWAT officer.  He is also a firearms instructor for his company the Reston Group.  On January 26th, 2008, Jared was working an off duty detail at a shopping mall when security notified him and his partner of two shoplifters attempting to flee.  One of the shoplifters ran away and Jared chased after him.  After catching up to the suspect, Jared got into a confrontation with him and thought he was punched in the face.  In reality, the suspect had been able to draw his gun and shoot Jared in the mouth.

Once Jared fell down an embankment, the suspect went in to finish Jared off, but Jared’s will to win kicked in and the gunfight was on.  Find out what Jared did to win on this first episode of Deconstructing Gunfights.

Special thanks to Dean Scoville.

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