Last year I had Hwansik Kim on the podcast and was amazed to hear his story (that was Ep. 31)  Hwansik came from Korea and was a self described geek who was chubby and uncoordinated.  He was introduced to competitive shooting and took his ability to study and research to excel in USPSA in a very short time.  Now Hwansik is a very strong contender to win at this year’s National Championship which begins later this month. 

In one year Hwansik shared with me that he completely changed his shooting style.  Plus, he just launched a joint project with World Champ Ben Stoeger called PSTG or Practical Shooting Training Group.  It’s a web based training membership site which we talk about in the podcast.  With Nationals coming up, I wanted to get some of the best competitors on the show to get everyone training for the event pumped up.  Not to mention the nuggets of information they provide any type of shooter.

Fair warning:  This episode gets deep into the mechanics of top performance from Hwansik.  Seriously if you have a pen and paper, there is a ton of material Hwansik talks about.  He is very passionate about it.  If you’re driving, well maybe you will have to listen again with that pad and pen.   Also, if you think you are training will see how it stacks up to Hwansik’s approach.

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