Welcome back to the Firearms Nation Podcast. I’ve been fortunate in my competitive shooting career to be a part of a gun manufacturer’s factory team.  From 2014-2016 I was a part of Team Sig or Sig Sauer and from that team I met a variety of folks from the company.  One of them was an instructor from the Sig Academy who had a background in the Federal Air Marshal service.  Hana Bilodeau started as a local police officer then moved on to become an Air Marshal.  Being in that position brought her to the attention of the academy who then hired her full time.  More recently Hana was promoted to Director of Training for all of Sig Sauer.

Closer to home, Hana was part of the 2017 Shooter’s Summit.  She is a contributing writer for RECOIL magazine and now has been shooting videos for shows on some big named cable networks.  Hana’s specialty was teaching female shooters and we get into some of the obstacles she had to overcome as a female in a male dominated industry.

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