Gabe White – Different Approaches to Pistol Training

Happy New Year.  2019 is looking to be a great and interesting year and I’m excited to share the year with you, the firearms nation.  Last year I finished the third shooters summit and it got me looking at all the great interviews I’ve done since I began the summits.  One interview I always liked was with a guy that a lot in the community don’t know much about.  His name is Gabe White and he’s a shooting instructor in Oregon with his company, Pistol Shooting Solutions.  While Gabe is known for teaching defensive pistol, he also tests his skills in USPSA and achieved a Master classification shooting Limited from concealment.   Gabe also is the only person to every shoot the challenging Rogers Shooting School Test from concealment.  Gabe has a very analytical approach to shooting, vision and practice so as we all get busy training again or want to start training with our handguns, I thought I would share this interview from the 2017 Shooter’s Summit.

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