Jack DiCristofalo is a 30-year veteran of a major metropolitan police department.  During those years, Jack served on patrol, and tactical units as well as becoming a homicide investigator.  Jack also served on the department’s SWAT team as a sniper/instructor.  As Jack sees the light at the end of the tunnel, he transferred all his skills to be a firearms instructor.  Jack was involved in two shootings, which we discussed.  Jack’s background in tactics and homicide investigations gives him a unique insight into what works when it comes to winning gunfights.

Recently, Jack was involved in establishing his department’s “one gun” program where the agency is going to a new platform with red dot sights.  Jack also has his own training company “On Target Training and Consulting” which he plans to teach more once he retires from the department.

In this episode, we discuss:

–How training consistently helped him in his shootings.

–Why he feels red dots on guns are good for all officers.

–What officers should focus on between speed and accuracy.

Links mentioned:

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