What if you found out that all the years you’ve put in your shooting, that you were doing it all wrong…Well that’s how I felt after speaking with World Champion Eric Grauffel.  I had the opportunity to speak with Eric on last year’s Shooter’s Summit.  The Shooter’s Summit is an event I founded back in 2016 where I speak with competitive or tactical shooters on specific topics.  Stay tuned to the end of the podcast to find out the date of this year’s Summit.

Eric is probably one of the best shooter’s in the world.  I only remember one time in history where someone actually beat him in competition.  We talk about that episode during my interview with Eric.  I would easily say Eric falls in line with the Michael Jordans, Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzkys, Usain Bolts types of exceptional athletes.  People refer to them as machines but it’s really us coming to terms about someone who is blessed with both talent and skill.  Eric and discuss the basics of shooting and I learn that he does pretty much everything different when it comes to grip, sights and trigger.  I don’t know what that means but it’s worth evaluating for yourself.  That’s another takeaway from this interview:  Learn to adjust your grip and shooting for what works for you, not what someone tells you is THE way.

Eric is a busy man shooting all over the world so I was lucky to get this interview and I’m happy  to finally share it on the Firearms Nation Podcast.  If this is your first time here, this podcast gets into the minds of all types of people in the Firearms world and please consider subscribing so you get the episodes every week without having to look for it.

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2018 Shooter’s Summit will launch Nov. 25th!

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