Dave Benton also known as “Boon” was one of the Global Response Staff of the CIA working in Benghazi during the terrorist attack on September 11, 2012. During that attack, Dave and his partners attempted to rescue the US Ambassador and defend the CIA Annex while completely outnumbered. This account was told in the book “13 Hours” as well as the great movie of the same name. Sarah Adams also worked for the CIA as a Targeter and was in Benghazi leading up to that fateful day.

Many years after that attack, Dave and Sarah decided to write a book not only explaining what led up to the attack but also started a cold-case investigation into all the terrorists who perpetrated the attack and provide a detailed dossier on each of them.

Points from the podcast:

-Dave explains how training was the best preparation for dealing with the attack and their response.

-Dave and Sarah break down what led up to the attack on the US Consulate and why the media and Obama Administration covered it up.

-Dave and Sarah share how we need to be prepared for more attacks in the future since we have given up on Afghanistan and now it’s back to being a safe haven for terrorists.