Welcome back to the Firearms Nation Podcast. About ten years ago I had the pleasure of being invited to a class devoted to pulling the trigger properly.  It was a class on the basics but it wasn’t a basic class.  In fact it was as someone coined it “..a PhD in trigger management”.  This class also put me in touch with a renowned gunsmith and competitor Bruce Gray.  Bruce and I maintained a friendship since that class and I even call him a mentor.  And it was at the USPSA National Championship in 2014 when Bruce reached out to me right after the match with a text “Do you want to shoot for Team SIG?”  He didn’t have to ask twice.  For the next two years I had a blast shooting matches with a great group of guys and gals all running the new P320.  That gun is still my competition gun and I also use it for duty.

Bruce has always been know as the go to guy to have your SIG or Sig Sauer pistol worked on to make it shoot even better.  But since the P320 came around, his business took off with parts for it as well as SIG’s successful LEGION series.  His company, Gray Guns, has grown and is in the process of moving to a bigger warehouse.  More recently, Bruce dove back into competition and he is revisiting his methodologies that are now over 20 years old.  I discuss with Bruce the differences as well as how us, as shooters, can over come our emotions while we shoot.

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