This week I bring out a session from the 2017 Shooter’s Summit that I recorded with Bob Vogel.  Bob is a world champion, national champion and has won 90 plus matches since he started competing.  Bob was also a police officer, SWAT team member and firearms instructor.  In fact, since he retired from law enforcement, he still makes a living teaching people to become better shooters.

Along the way he’s also made several videos on pistol shooting and competition.  Interesting enough, Bob was one of the only people to ever beat the world’s best shooter (and podcast guest #79) Eric Grauffel in a shooting competition (I was there!)  In today’s podcast, Bob goes over the fundamentals of pistol shooting, how important grip and grip strength is, why a timer is so important to training and finally, why going fast is the best strategy.

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Vogel Dynamics

Panteao Prod. “World Class Pistol Skills” DVD

Panteao Prod. “Stage Tactics of Practical Shooting” DVD


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