Have you ever wondered what you would do or how you would react to being in an actual gunfight?  What kind of training do you do to prepare for it?  Do you have the mindset to win?  It would be nice to know the answers to those questions..well today my guest has been “down range” as they say and can tell you what you need.  You need to be well versed in the basics of shooting.  Simple as that.

My guest is Bob Keller who is currently a firearms instructor for his company, Gamut Resolutions.  Bob is a veteran of US Army Special Operations and completed several deployments overseas where he engaged in combat against the enemy.  When he retired he saw that there was an abundance of training over social media that focused on matters that don’t really help you in live fire engagements and decided to put up his shingle and teach law enforcement and civilians what they needed to do to win if they ever needed to defend themselves with a firearm.

In addition to his training company, Bob also has several videos with Pantaeo Productions on rifle and handgun and recently introduced a signature rifle that just hit the market.

When talking to Bob it was apparent he has a laid back personality with the confidence of a man who has nothing to prove.  His enforcement of the basics and the simplicity of getting it done, comes from being someone who analyzed what works and what doesn’t and now can transmit it back to his students.  I agree with that philosophy and believe you should take that attitude with everything you do so you can throw out the fluff that while might be fun, doesn’t help you excel towards mastery.

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Bob’s Rifle DVD