Welcome back to the Firearms Nation Podcast.  Do you carry a gun for self defense?  Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were involved in a shooting?  Most people at some point have had these thoughts and usually end when the gun goes off and they win.  But, there is a different battle, a battle just as important that happens right after and that’s the legal battle.  I am a firm believer if you carry a gun, you need to know the law and how to use force when necessary.  My guest today is an expert in self defense law.  Andrew Branca wrote the book “The Law of Self Defense” and has been a guest before on the Firearms Nation Podcast as well as the 2017 Shooter’s Summit. 

Recently there was a shooting in Florida in a parking lot that brought Stand Your Ground back on the daily news and internet.  But what really is Stand Your Ground and do we not have a good understanding of it.  I had Andrew join me for a live stream to discuss the difference of Stand Your Ground and self defense.  I bet you have it wrong so please listen to this show so you can educate your friends.

We also talk about a concealed carry shooting and other concepts you need to know if you carry a gun.

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“Law of Self Defense” book


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