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Jacob Hetherington – Unleashing Excellence from the Army (Replay)

Jacob Hetherington just took 3rd place at this year's Carry Optics Nationals.  He consistently wins or comes close to winning every major match (International and National) he competes in.  Jacob joined the Army in 2015 and shoots for the Army's Marksmanship Unit.  Jacob already has earned a top ...

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USPSA presidency race heats up with Luigi Li’s campaign

Luigi Li is currently running for USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) and the election is going on.  Listeners of this podcast know that I compete in USPSA as it's one of the shooting sports that makes you a better shooter.  If you want to carry your gun ...

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Joel Turner – Improve Your Shooting with SHOT IQ

Joel Turner, a renowned expert in the field of archery, is the focus of this fascinating podcast episode. As the founder of Shot IQ, a leading organization dedicated to training archers and improving their mental game, Turner has had a significant impact on the sport and its practitioners. ...

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