Mini-red dot sights or just “red dots” on pistols is not a new thing, however, more and more people are finally adopting them.  Pretty much every handgun manufacturer is building optic ready guns and some are selling the guns with the optic already on it.  Carry Optics is a very popular division in USPSA with the other shooting sports following suit.  Instagram is also flooded with photos of tactical folk driving their gats with red dots and compensators.  But with all the new guns with optics, how does one learn to shoot them?

Well today I’m glad to welcome back the crowd favorite, the keeper of the title with most downloaded podcast, SWAT officer, firearms trainer, and 4 division grandmaster..Yong Lee.

I’ve known Yong for many years and shot with him when we were on Team SIG together.  Yong also was a speaker on the first Shooter’s Summit.  One of the most distinguishing facets about Yong is his ability to shooter extremely fast and accurate.  I’ll link to his YouTube channel so you can see him shooting and you’ll be amazed at the superhuman trigger speed he can produce.

Yong is currently teaching an instructor course for his department on transitioning officers to using red dot pistol on duty.  I’m also in the process myself of getting a red dot for work and competition so I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to pick his brain.  As more people go to the red dots, we need to train so we can be just as proficient as Yong…well, maybe just be proficient. 

Links mentioned in the episode:

Yong’s YouTube channel

Yong shooting a match with 35 yard plate rack

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