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It has been a great year with a lot of success!  Today I’m launching this new website to go along with the new Firearms Nation Podcast!  Each week I’ll be interviewing people who make up the firearms nation.  From gun writers, competitive shooters, law enforcement/military, and even politicians.  I’ve wanted to have a podcast for long time and now I have a great platform to launch off of.

Please take the time to look around the new site.  I’ve included a full interview of Kyle Lamb from Viking Tactics which was part of the Shooter’s Summit.

You can also listen to the podcast in the posts or on the podcast page.  Join me as we take Firearms Nation to the next level!

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Arik Levy


  1. Jeremiah Williams
    December 21, 2022 at 5:46 pm — Reply

    Thank you for the effort you put into your podcast. It’s a great resource (and fun.)

    I’m sure you’re very busy, but if you have time ….

    I’m a fairly new shooter (since August, 2020.) Have taken some good training, but am still very much a beginner. My goals, first, defensive. Second, USPSA. Will soon start. Following a Steve Anderson recommendation in a podcast, first shot a steel challenge. A blast!

    1) Do you think Steve Andersons’s mental management program makes sense now, or more logical to focus on shooting now and do his program later when I have some USPSA experience? I’ve heard you say you can apply the method to anything, which suggests no need to wait. On other hand, am I being silly? Maybe I just need to concentrate on shooting, dry fire, etc.

    2) I recently switched to a CZ, for the DA. If I ever need to draw the gun in a dangerous situation, I like the idea of a longer pull so I need to really deliberately pull the trigger, not accidentally send a round. I’ve heard various people say dry fire with a revolver helped them get really good with a DA pull (or any pull, really.) Does that seem sensible to you? (An added benefit would be fewer pulls on my CZ, which I’ve already had to replace a trigger return spring on due to lots of dry fire.) Or, again, maybe that’s silly and I should just practice with my CZ?

    Jeremiah Williams

    P.S. Surely a few others must have these questions. Maybe on a podcast you could say something about them?

    • December 22, 2022 at 12:20 am — Reply

      Take Steve’s Mental Management right away. Don’t wait it’s that important. Yes, for a long time using a revolver was a great way to develop finger strength. I would do both… Thanks for listening!

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