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Live Stream with Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson is a firearms instructor as well as the host of the popular podcast "That Shooting Show". Steve has also written three books and dryfire practice and competition shooting. Recently Steve became a certified instructor of the Mental Management system developed by Lanny Bassham, who was an ...

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Frank Proctor Live Q&A

This is the video of the live session I did with Frank Proctor talking about shooting and taking your questions.

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What does a cop do for Everyday Carry?

As a police officer I am often asked what do I carry off duty. For the most part I would say it's the same as a civilian except for the badge and restraining device. How close is this to your EDC setup? Also I'd like to mention Popov Leather ...

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Firearms Nation Live – With Andrew Branca

Join me as I go LIVE with the author of the book "The Law of Self Defense" Andrew Branca. We'll talk about the recent Stand Your Ground cases in Florida and well as the CCW shooting in Chicago. We'll decipher the difference between Stand Your Ground and Self Defense and ...

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Steve Anderson on Negative Emotions

This is an excerpt from a podcast session of the Firearms Nation Podcast, that I did with Steve Anderson talking about why competitors feel need to wallow in their mistakes and how fragile the ego is. Subscribe to the Firearms Nation Podcast on iTunes. Facebook Intagram Twitter ...

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3 Ways for Summer EDC

Ah, the joys of summer...beaches, water, fun. We can still enjoy all the good times and be safe. You want to carry your legal firearm but now have less clothes to hide it. Well here are 3 WAYS for Summer Every Day Carry (EDC). I Like Appendix for my concealment. ...

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Firearms Nation Live – With Shannon Smith

Here is the LIVE show I did with Shannon Smith, grandmaster shooter, national champion and former Army Ranger.  Join us as we discuss the finer points about red dots on pistols along with brand selection and USPSA practice.

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Firearms Nation LIVE – With Yong Lee

This is a replay of the Q&A live session I had on 6-3-18 with grandmaster shooter and SWAT team leader Yong Lee.  Yong has been on the podcast several times and was a part of the Shooter's Summit.  Lots of questions about red dots and how to train is covered ...

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