This podcast is a little different than the normal fare as I discuss a dark time in the world’s history.  I was given a copy of the book, Gun control in the third reich several years ago and was moved after reading it.  The author, Stephen Halbrook, is a well regarded attorney who has argued cases in front of the Supreme Court and won.  Stephen is also somewhat of a historian and has written several books including this one.

Nazi Germany brings up a slew of emotions from hatred to sorrow depending on your preceptive.  The book begins immediately after the first world war when Germany was in turmoil and violence was on the rise.  Gun laws were passed that were severe but also began the process of registration of ownership.  Something that would later haunt the populace especially the Jewish Germans.  The warnings were there that lists of gun owners could fall into the wrong hands of an extremist group…and that’s exactly what happened. 

So I ask you to come with me as I go back to the 1920 and 30s in Germany were we discover one of the major aspects to why Hitler and his Nazi party were so successful..

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