The name Blackwater brings out the mystic of the money for hired mercenary, traveling to a far land to get involved in things best left to tough men.  The thrill a minute job speeding through the streets of a non-permissive environment trying to protect your client while being shot at.  Who signs up for this kind of work?  What are the job requirements?

My guest today worked for the notorious Blackwater private security company.  Shannon Campbell was an avid martial artist who got into competitive shooting back in the early 90s.  Next thing he new, he was sitting in a van being taught how to protect high value ambassadors with teammates fresh out of the “Teams” or “Recon”.  Shannon thrived in this environment and spent years as a private security detail or PSD.  He left that side of the house and began working for a training company that specializes in teaching mostly State Department officials how to survive in areas of the world where the US is not the most liked.

On todays show, Shannon explains what it’s like to be shot at when driving in Bagdad, what it takes to become the type of person who earns up to $1000 a day working a security detail in a war zone and finally, why shooting competition helped him survive critical incidents by teaching him how to process information faster.

This is a rare look at a shadow world with one of it’s warriors. 

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