Welcome back to another episode of the firearms nation podcast.  In the world of law enforcement, tactical firearms instruction and SWAT teams, one man stands out as a leader in all those arenas.  Scott Reitz served on the LAPD for 30 years.  Scott started on patrol and worked his way to the Special Problems Unit, which handled the druggies and other issues in the Wilshire and Van Nuys divisions.  From there he made “Metro” which is an elite division in the LAPD and then finally after about ten years he got on the SWAT team.

The history of law enforcement comes from departments like the LAPD or NYPD and it’s important to remember the cases and shootouts that formed tactical training including firearms.  Scott or “Uncle Scotty” was in five shootings durning his career and learned not only the technical skills, but the overwhelming legal battles that will follow any gunfight whether you are a cop or civilian.  In fact, Scott now serves as an expert in deadly force and testifies in many federal and superior court trials.

I had the pleasure of having Uncle Scotty train me almost ten years ago and the lessons I took away from that class were incorporated into almost every training class I taught as a firearms instructor.  To this day, I still remember some nuggets that have kept me alive when dealing with the criminals on the streets. 

We also talk about his book “The Art of Modern Gunfighting Vol.1” and the sequel coming out later this year.

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