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“Five Steps to an Awesome Firearms Training Program”



Dry fire or dry practice is the building block of any training program. Unless you live on a range with access to thousands of rounds, you need to be dry firing, at least 10 minutes a day.

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The Grip is something that I learned is almost important as the trigger pull. I’ve noticed that larger people have an advantage when it comes to grip. Watch this and leave a comment if you agree..

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Being sponsored by a company in the shooting sports is an honor and it’s also hard work. While there are many benefits to having sponsorship’s (like free products or even getting a salary for the top tier shooters) it can be demanding work. In this video I talk about my

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So you want to be fast? After years of trying to be fast (and crashing) I finally worked out the issues and broke it down into these three steps. 1) Forget the emotional feeling of time passing. 2) Work in the subconscious state. 3) Move with the least amount of

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