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Dustin Salomon is a former Navy officer and contractor. He’s been shooting for almost his entire life and based on his time at the Naval Academy and as part of his duties as an officer, Dustin began developing a system of training people how to shoot. More importantly, how to

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Nathan Gorenstein was an investigative reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer and author of a previous novel. He currently released his second book “The Guns of John Moses Browning” last month and now it’s at the top of the charts on Amazon. Browning is one of the legends of the firearms

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Lisa Song Sutton is a former Miss Nevada and Miss Las Vegas. She also is an entrenpanuer and ran for Congress during the 2020 election cycle. As a pro-2nd Amendment candidate, she chooses to practice and promote gun ownership, especially to other women. Lisa states it’s not only for self-defense,

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Garrett-John Evans also know as Gazz, is a competitive shooter from South Africa. Gazz has one several of their national championships, although they have a bunch of them during the year. In addition Gazz was selected to be on the team going to the IPSC World Shoot later this year.

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Tom Kubiniec reinvented the gun storage concept by studying the needs of the military and getting a contract to store their guns. It was such a successful venture, Tom took that knowledge to the civilian market along with the concept of decentralized gun storage. Tom was generous to offer a

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Jack Carr is back again with a new book, “The Devil’s Hand”. This time around the main character, James Reece, is fighting against time and bad guys to rescue the United States from a deadly virus. Jack incorporates recent events into a fantastic and scary thriller. Jack was a Navy

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