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AJ Zito is a gunsmith and practical shooter. He designs and makes custom 1911s and also competes in action shooting sports such as USPSA and IDPA. He is one of the few people I know that has actually gone to a three year gunsmithing school (something that sounds incredibly cool!)

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Brian McKenna served as a police officer and retired as a police lieutenant. Brian got the most enjoyment from teaching other officers survival tactics and eventually began writing for several police magazines and websites. His first book, “Officer Down: Lessons from the Street” was primarily for law enforcement officers. In

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John Kelly had a career as a police officer that lasted over 30 years. During that time he had a variety of positions as well as becoming a sergeant. One thing that he learned along the way was how to survive the constant life stress that this type of work

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The most amazing thing about world champion JJ Racaza is not just his shooting ability, but his humility. He works hard to make sure his students understand his concepts, and he always takes the time to reveal the nuggets of instruction. Those nuggets are gold. I’ve trained three times with

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Mike Simpson, “Doc”, is actually a medical doctor. He served in the US Army as a Ranger, in Special Forces, and went to medical school to become a doctor. Mike is more widely known for the hit reality show, “Hunting Hitler” with Tim Kennedy. Mike is the host of the

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Mike Wood is back to talk about the post 2020 election world we are now in. How Antifa is still around and gearing up. What gun laws are like in places like Brazil and what some of the causes of revolver and semi-auto malfunctions. Great stuff from the prolific historian.

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