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Mickey Schuch, who everyone knows at the Carry Trainer, is a widely known firearms instructor and social media influencer. Mickey travels the country teaching shooting courses with a distinct style and also has a massive YouTube and Instagram following. Mickey has some serious opinions when it comes to training as

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Jon Becker is the owner of the tactical equipment company Aardvark Tactical. Besides having a cool name, Aardvark makes cool gear including drones and breaching tools. Jon is about to release his new podcast “The Debrief” which has different guests from the special units in law enforcement and the military.

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Shannon Smith, top pistol shooter and firearms instructor is back! There have been numerous requests to have Shannon back to do some mythbusting he alluded to on the last time he was a guest. We cover all the age old myths such as what is the “best” caliber, and will

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AJ Zito is a gunsmith and practical shooter. He designs and makes custom 1911s and also competes in action shooting sports such as USPSA and IDPA. He is one of the few people I know that has actually gone to a three year gunsmithing school (something that sounds incredibly cool!)

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Brian McKenna served as a police officer and retired as a police lieutenant. Brian got the most enjoyment from teaching other officers survival tactics and eventually began writing for several police magazines and websites. His first book, “Officer Down: Lessons from the Street” was primarily for law enforcement officers. In

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John Kelly had a career as a police officer that lasted over 30 years. During that time he had a variety of positions as well as becoming a sergeant. One thing that he learned along the way was how to survive the constant life stress that this type of work

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