On April 11, 1986, there was a massive shootout between agents of the FBI and two dedicated, murderous, armed suspects.  The end result was two agents dead and several wounded.  This shootout changed the caliber choice for the FBI and numerous police agencies for many years and brought forward the classic topic of round “stopping power.”  Mike Wood, the resident Firearms Nation historian, goes in depth to how the shootout went down and as a bonus, we discuss his previous book on the California Highway Patrol Newhall CA shootout.  Mike writes for his own blog on both tactical history and revolvers.  In fact, he is known as the “Revolver Guy”.

Topics you’ll hear on the show:

–Why gun manufacturers are putting optics on revolvers.

–Did the CHP Officers pick up their empty shell casings and put them in their pockets during a gunfight?

–How a strong mindset defeats any weapon or skill in a survival setting.

Link to Mike’s website RevolverGuy.com

Link to Mike’s book on Newhall Shootout