I have to tell you there are not many people that make me feel old, but when I was talking to today’s guest, well that thought came into my mind.  The young Mason Lane, who is one of the top competitors in the country, has accomplished so many titles and yet is only in his early twenties.  You would think that someone so young would be arrogant and misbehaved but Mason comes from a disciplined family and was an Eagle Scout.  Ideals that I fear are becoming out of vogue and corny for some but I respect him for the path he is following.

Mason also had a great year. I recently was able to bring on a bunch of competitors, specifically in action pistol who put in a huge amount of practice and work.  Each one of them had the opportunity to go to the IPSC World Shoot which only happens every three years.  But I was very interested to hear Mason’s journey as he is pretty young to be shooting on the world stage.  Luckily for Mason, he is also sponsored by the Sig Sauer Academy in New Hampshire.  The Sig Sauer Academy is one of the top training facilities in the United States and offer a ton of classes on a variety of shooting disciplines.

Three takeaways from today’s show are 1) why you need to use emotion in order to motivate you in training 2) why dry fire will take a so-so shooter and make them better and 3) to remember that if you are not having a good match or suck in practice, no one is going to remember that..but you.

Mason might be young but has a lot of great material.

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