Les Kismartoni is a phenomenal competitive shooter.  Just don’t give him a hot dog with ketchup on it!  He is from Chicago where good hotdogs have other accessories like pickles, mustard, and relish.  That being said, Les is a Distinguished Master in IDPA and a Grandmaster in USPSA, which means the boy can shoot.  His gun of choice is a Beretta 92 from Langdon Tactical and he shoots both iron and red dot sights.  Like me, he prefers the irons.  Les just won the South Florida Defensive Challenge and explained in this episode how he got started in IDPA which was a challenge living in Chicago.  Also in this episode, Les throws out these nuggets:

–Why he still closes one eye while shooting iron sights and why that works.

–What he learned training with world champion Eric Grauffel.

–What is the best type of pizza to get in Chicago!

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Links to train with Les:  Instagram Profile