Kyle Lamb – The Guy Behind Viking Tactics on a Crusade

Kyle Lamb is a Army veteran who served the majority of time in Special Operations, and in the Unit (SFOD-D Delta Force). Most people just say “The Unit”. During that time he served in Iraq, Bosnia, and fought in the Battle of Mogadishu.

Once he left the military, Kyle starting teaching firearms instruction and also formed his gear company, Viking Tactics. Kyle has also written several shooting books and a book on leadership called “Leadership in the Shadows” (which he narrates the audiobook version). Kyle also has a very successful podcast, “Team VTAC Podcast” where he interviews other gun industry people and covers historical events.

Kyle is currently writing two more books that we talk about on this show.

Links mentioned on the podcast:

Viking Tactics

“Leadership in the Shadows” Audiobook

Team VTAC Podcast article on 6 Best Guns for Concealed Carry Under $400

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