Welcome back to the Firearms Nation Podcast. My guest today is by far one of the fastest shooters in competition.  KC Eusebio started shooting at the ripe old age of 9 years old and made the rank of Grandmaster in USPSA at 12 which still is a record. He is a National and World Champion and holds many speed steel, also known as Steel Challenge records for the fastest times.  KC was selected for the prestigious US ARMY Marksmanship Unit or AMU and enlisted for a four year tour of duty.  There he trained other soldiers as well as help the recruitment operations of the Army.  When he discharged he signed on to TEAM GLOCK and shot for them for three years and over 40 competitions around the world.

Now KC has his own training company which he founded with another speed shooter and first lady of shooting, Jessie Harrison.  Their company, MetaGroup, started teaching civilians, LE and military personnel in not only pistol skills but long range rifle and tactical medicine.  They have their first Meta Group Skills Summit coming up in this October where for three days students will be provided guns and ammo and can focus on learning all sorts of skillsets to be a better shooter.

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