Welcome back to the Firearms Nation Podcast.  Imagine you start competing in the shooting sports about 4 years ago.  Imagine you decide to start shooting shotgun exclusively in competition.  Imagine you go to the IPSC World Shoot for Shotgun earlier this month and finally, imagine waking up on June 11th to find out your the World Champion.  Josh Froelich didn’t have to imagine any of this…he lived it.

Josh always had a competitive gene in his body that made him play sports growing up.  In fact he supported himself and paid for college not by working at a fast food restaurant but by fighting professionally in MMA.  But something happened in 2014.  Josh decided he wanted to be better at shooting and went to his local IDPA match and the shooting gene kicked in.  Fast forward a second and it’s June 2018 where he’s standing on the podium in France representing his country as a gold medal winner in the Open Division.

I get to talk to Josh about his journey and the World Shoot.  We also discuss the little things like how he won matches and how to shoot the dot in Open or Carry Optics, and of course..how to be fast (which is why you’re  in Open anyways).

I found Josh to be down to Earth as most people from the Mid-West tend to be.  Hardworking, devoted and willing to get the job done with a bunch of practice. 

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