This is a “Part II” episode from a previous session I did with Jon “MochaBear” Dufresne where he talked about low light shooting. We didn’t get to cover using Night Vision goggles, so I finally was able to sit down and record it with him. If you haven’t heard it, I’ll link that show below.

Jon, if you don’t know about him, is a former US Army Ranger and now is a full-time firearms instructor. He travels the country teaching shooting, medical response and of course..night vision training. Jon also created a one-man clearing course called “Weaponized Geometry” that we talk about in the show.

If you ever wanted to know the how and why of night vision tech and shooting, carry on…

Links mentioned in the episode:

1st interview with Jon on the FN Podcast

Jon’s training company Kinetic Consulting

Link to PewPew’s guide to Night Vision