Joel Turner, a renowned expert in the field of archery, is the focus of this fascinating podcast episode. As the founder of Shot IQ, a leading organization dedicated to training archers and improving their mental game, Turner has had a significant impact on the sport and its practitioners.

With a background in psychology and a deep understanding of the mind-body connection, Turner has developed innovative techniques that have revolutionized shooting performance. His groundbreaking approach to firearms training focuses not only on physical skills but also on mental strategies to enhance concentration, control anxiety, and optimize overall performance under pressure.

Throughout the podcast, Turner shares his insights into the importance of mental fortitude in shooting, emphasizing how mastering the psychological aspects can have a profound impact on a shooter’s accuracy and consistency. With years of experience coaching athletes at all levels, from beginners to world champions, Turner brings a wealth of knowledge to the conversation.

Here are some points we discuss:

–The difference between open and closed loop processes.

–How neurolinguistic programming is a part of firearms training.

–What are the four questions you should be instantly thinking about during the shooting process.

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