Joel Park – Practical Shooting Training is His New Book

I had Joel Park on the show last year after he and World Champion Ben Stoeger wrote their first book together “Match Mentality”. Now the duo teamed up again to write “Practical Shooting Training”. This new book is divided into four different shooting levels, from beginner training to someone who wants to be a National Champion. Not only does it give you a guide to follow but also has diagrams of what the targets will look like based on many different shooting problems.

Joel competes and is also part of the Practical Shooting Training Group with Ben and Hwansik Kim. Recently, Joel also started a new podcast called Training Group Live.

Links mentioned on the show:

Joel’s Training Company Midwest Competitive Shooting

Shop at Bear Creek Arsenal with code Nation5 for 5% off your first order.

Download the Chapter “Why You Suck” from Joel’s New Book.

Buy “Practical Shooting Training”

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