How do you go from being a computer playing kid to number 2 at a National Championship?  My guest today is Hwansik Kim, a 29 student raised in S. Korea.  Hwansik or “Chic” as his friends call him picked up a real firearm only four years ago and started competing a year later.  Today, he is sitting back after a great year taking 2nd at Optics Nationals and 5th at Iron Sight Nationals.  What kind of drive and determination does it take to rise to that level?

Chic also shoots for Walther Arms as a sponsored shooter in addition to being a full time student.  One thing I learned about Chic was how devoted to God and his faith he is after surviving a horrific car crash which changed his life.  Chic spends hours a day not only practicing but studying videos of athletes from a variety of sports just to pick up their techniques for success.

In this episode you’ll learn how you can dry practice WITHOUT a gun.  Why gripping the pistol as hard as you can will lead to predictable shots.  And finally, how to occupy your mind to control anxiety and emotion during a match.

Chic is by far one of the most dedicated competitors I’ve interviewed.

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