Chuck Rossi – Former Facebook Director Fights for Firearms

Welcome back to the Firearms Nation podcast.  We have such a special treat.  How many of you have had issues with Facebook when it came to one of the ads you were running?  Or maybe your page, group or even your profile was banned for violating the firearms policy?  Wouldn’t it be nice to talk to someone on the inside of Facebook to know what is the correct practice when it comes to posting firearms content?

Well, funny you should ask since my guest today was that guy.  Chuck Rossi was the director of release engineering at facebook and also worked on fixing the firearms policies.  After 11 years at Facebook, chuck retired and I was able to get him on the podcast.

Chuck is one of us.  He enjoys shooting since a young age and helped shed light on the good of firearms when the media only focused on the bad.  Lots of value here today.

Links mentioned in the podcast:

Facebook Ad Policy with Age

Facebook police on weapons

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  1. December 7, 2018 at 5:16 pm — Reply

    Many instructors have their ads suppressed or denied by Facebook on a daily basis. The anti-gun bias there is deep and wide. Yet surprisingly, they have no problem taking money from companies making derpy products like “car holsters” and shoving those ads at gun owners daily. Training appears to be one of the key types of ads they want to suppress the most.

    I was one of the people he attempted to assist but he never was able to solve my problem nor even get back to me with any information about what the problem was or how to correct it. After Facebook made the changes in their policies, which appeared to make my ads fall within guidelines, automatic denials of attempts to boost ads continued, with appeals instantly denied by their algorithms or staff, with no pathway to appeal to or communicate with anyone at the company.

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