My guest this week is Caleb Giddings.  Most people first met Caleb when he was a contestant on the first season of the History Channel’s Top Shot series.  Before he was on the show, Caleb served in the Coast Guard and was a competitor in a variety of competitive shooting sports.  He is a Five Division Master in IDPA and also competes in USPSA and NRA Action Pistol.

After Top Shot, Caleb was part of Gun Nuts Media and worked in all forms of media for them. He was a host on the Powerfactor Show podcast and  More recently Caleb went back to the military and signed up as a reservist with the Air Force as a combat arms instructor, which is a perfect fit considering his background.  Caleb has some serious opinions on guns and gun ownership which he shares on his blog and YouTube channel.  He challenges the often phony or ridiculous claims perpetrated by internet commandos.  These challenges routinely lead to heated debates but Caleb stands by his opinions.

On this podcast we get into: what it was like to be on a top television show where you are not only tested on your shooting skills but also have to deal with the pressures of a dramatic reality show.  Also why carrying a round in the chamber of your handgun is a good idea and finally, what is the best plan of action when dealing with survival after a major natural disaster.

I’ve been wanting to have Caleb on for a while so sit back and let’s get into the interview…

Links mentioned in the podcast:  (Blog) (good holsters) (Top Shot)


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