Best of 2019 – JJ Racaza, Ron Avery and Yong Lee

So long 2019 and hello 2020. In this final episode of the year, I look back at the top three episodes (in terms of downloads) in the past three months. JJ Racazza, Ron Avery and Yong Lee. All top competitive shooters and all were involved in law enforcement (interesting…)

JJ Racaza is a world champion shooter and is always at the top of the leader board. I took a class from JJ and he taught an interesting theory on how to attack targets in order to speed up transitions. We also talk about how he sets up his guns.

JJ Racaza Episode 123

Ron Avery past away this year and it was a loss for the shooting community. Ron has a science background and he brought that approach to shooting and how he taught.

Ron Avery Episode 99

Yong Lee was a SWAT officer and trainer for his police department before he retired this year. Yong is also a competitive shooter and has some of the fastest splits around. Yong shoots with a pistol optic and we discuss specifically how to zero the dot to the gun.

Yong Lee Episode 94

Article on PewPew Tactical comparing the Remington 870 to the Mossberg 500

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