Alan Normandy is the brains and CEO of Battle Comp Enterprises which makes one of the most successful muzzle devices for AR-15 rifles.  It’s called, well, the Battle Comp which is short for compensator.  For the uninitiated, having a compensator allows gas to leave the rifle in a designed fashion.  The Battle Comp made the rifle shoot with minimal muzzle rise and had a decent flash reducer.  The timing was right and the internet helped skyrocket the comp to be a best seller. 

But who is Alan Normandy.  Alan served for 28 years as a police officer in South San Francisco.  When he retired, he was a Lieutenant overseeing patrol and the Neighborhood Response Team.  He also served on the departments SWAT Team and held a variety of duties during his tenure.  Alan also found fame as a consultant for the very popular “Mythbusters” TV show which aired on the Discovery Channel.

Alan is passionate about the gun community and it’s rights. 

I’ve known Alan for many years and from the first time I spoke to him on the phone I could tell he believed in his customers, his partners and his community.  I’m pleased to bring you some insight into the man behind Battle Comp.

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